Parent Questionnaire 2013

Parent Questionnaire 2013

Parent Questionnaire 2013

The Parent Questionnaire Results.  A big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire. 

The School has a commitment to continuous self-review and improvement.  The Schools Improvement Plan or SIP is a cycle of actions that identify strengths and weaknesses that become actions for improvement and evaluation.  It is published each year.  The overall schedule is based upon the OFSTED framework.

A parent questionnaire is produced every 2 years.  The last Parent Survey was conducted in 2011.  We also had a parent questionnaire as a result of the OFSTED inspection in December 2010.  In 2011 the survey response rate was 24% (70 responses).  It was a poor response but we felt that it followed so closely from the OFSTED survey that there may be ‘survey fatigue’.  We received 68 responses for the 2013 survey which is a response rate of only 22% on 312 families.  It is difficult to understand the low uptake.  Are parents/carers on the whole happy and do not feel inclined to make comment, are they too busy, do they feel their views will not be listened to, was the survey published enough or is it just apathy?

In 2011 we wanted to seek your views on the specific issues of communication and consultation.  The outcome of this was the following summary of areas that was communicated to you all as part of the feedback from the 2011 survey.

·      The school website is an effective means of communication and source of information but it needs an update.  A new website will be commissioned.  

·      The new website should improve a number of issues.  Areas for consideration would be a whole school calendar on the home page.  Class/year pages where day to day admin, activity, topics and curriculum information is readily available.  Making the school office form returning and payments electronic instead of paper.  This is just a few examples.  There are many areas that can and will be considered.

·      The home school diary is a challenge.  For some it works well and are quite happy with it, others not so.  Ways to improve this are being considered.

·      We have mixed views on the flyers and parent mail notices that are sent out.  Some feel that it is too much and maybe a little too commercial.  Others find the information useful.  We will look at ways to strike the right balance.

·      Parent Consultations/Parents Evenings work well but a number of parents want greater detail on their child’s progress.  Future consultations will start with a statement of your child’s progress in relation to expected national standards.  Additionally options and ideas around a whole school day (parent and child) inset day consultations are being considered.

·      Governing body minutes will continue to be published on the website, however in addition, every term a newsletter will be published to keep parents up to date with the work being undertaken.  Previously this was done on an ad hoc basis when it was felt that there was relevant news or notices.


Looking back how have we done?  We used the 2013 parent questionnaire to help gauge our success as well as where we need to make further improvements. Analysis of the 2013 survey needs to be read in the context of the response rate.


A new School Website was launched in July 2012.  We think everyone agrees that it looks fresh and modern and is easy to navigate and hopefully contains useful information for both parents and children.  87% of respondents thought the school website a useful source of information (agreed or strongly agreed with the statement).  This is up from 66% in 2011.  85% of respondents found searching and navigation easy.  This compares to 49% in 2011. 

One of the fundamental changes to the new website was the change from one person (Mr. White!) who managed the whole thing to spreading this workload and responsibility across the school.  This brings its own challenges in terms of maintaining consistency and quality, safeguarding and protocols as well as ensuring training for all users.  It is clear from the 2013 feedback that whilst the website has been updated the content, information and calendar in certain areas has not.  This is particularly so for each year or class.  Work is underway to improve this area of the site.  Producing electronic form returns and ways to pay for activities electronically is still to be implemented.

Parent Consultations/Parents Evenings

As a policy all autumn and spring term parent evening/consultations for years 1-6 should now report on your child’s progress against the National Curriculum levels. Prior to the consultation you should receive relevant and sufficient information about the National Curriculum levels.

88% think that the consultation process is useful.  57% agreed that they had sufficient information about the National Curriculum levels prior to the meeting.  We have now put this information on the school website.  62% were informed of their child’s levels at the consultation by the teacher.  79% thought this information was useful.


The plan to introduce a termly newsletter by the Governing Body has been superseded by the new website.  The Governing Body finds that the requirement to communicate important information is not regular but rather sporadic.  This could range from an HMI inspection report to the school expansion drawings.  The website works really well for this type of information.  Clearly if something is important or your attention to new and important information is needed we will utilise Parentmail or the regular newsletter.

When it comes to the fortnightly newsletter 100% of respondents felt they were kept well informed of news and events, which is a great result.  Sufficient access to the Headteacher on a Thursday to meet and discuss issues fell from 87% in 2011 to 78% in 2013.  However getting a satisfactory response and outcome to any concerns raised improved from 51% in 2011 to 67% in 2013.

Overall School Effectiveness

Questions about how happy your child is at school, expectation to work hard, behave and how balanced the curriculum is, all scored well.  Over 80% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed.

When it comes to homework and your child getting the right amount this is a little more evenly split.  67% of respondents felt that their child was getting the right amount.  Text comments reveal that some parents felt it was too much while others felt it was too little.  It is quite likely that this comes down to differing parental views on what is the right balance.  It is also possible that there is a correlation with some comments regarding stretching more able pupils but there is not sufficient data to support this theory.  Stretching more able pupils forms part of the schools improvement plan and ongoing Gifted and Talented program.

We have received comments on lots of other issues.  A number already form part of the improvement cycle and others are being considered.  We also thank you for the really positive and kind feedback. 

If you have additional comments or feedback please email the Governing Body at

Copies of our new School Improvement Plan are in the Governors section.

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